Mont58 Coffee

In 2018, Maya and Shai started their coffee roasting business Mont58 Coffee, in South-East London in a cabin at the end of their garden, looking out on to a local park. During the pandemic, the business started to grow as the local community began purchasing their coffee, delivered to their door by an army of cyclists, sparking joy in the recipients.

As the business grew, Maya and Shai started to look for scale up options in the Southeast. Their aim was to recreate what they already had in another location not too far from them, expanding to a much bigger facility.

‘We chose Ashford as we love the types of businesses here, the philosophy, forward thinking approach and vision of attracting creative businesses.’

Shai , Owner of Mont58 Coffee
Owners, Maya and Shai sitting with their dog
Owners of Mont58, Maya and Shai

Shai added: ‘We also knew a few businesses who had relocated to the area, whose experience and feedback were very positive’.

Mont58 collaborates and caters for a range of customers including businesses, offices, cafes, coffee shops and individuals who can buy via the website or subscribe to receive great coffee. If customers are located within the local radius of the roastery, coffee is delivered by a cyclist. All of this is achieved with a very small team of packers and cyclists, with Shai roasting the coffee and Maya taking care of business.

Sustainability is at the heart of Mont 58’s philosophy and is also really important in attracting customers. The coffee roaster has submitted an application for B Corp status, a process which allowed the team to look at every aspect of their business, scrutinising the operation and how it can be more sustainable.

As well as ethically sourcing coffee and cyclist delivery, the organic sacks used to house the coffee are given to organisations who plant trees, and the chuff (the substance left after roasting) is given to gardeners for compost. Impressively, Mont 58 does not have any bins at their site as almost everything on the premises has a purpose.

When describing what Ashford can offer for Mont58, Maya and Shai say ‘When we wanted to grow our business we were looking for a place that would offer affordable space and that would also open up new markets for us. Our unit in Ashford provided both these things. As well as a fantastic new facility that allows us to scale up and grow our capacity, we have benefitted from geographical expansion and many new customers in Kent since locating to Ashford. The team from AshfordFor and Ashford town centre have been really supportive and helped us find great information and contacts’.

Discover more about Mont58 by visiting their website.