Meet the team

Want to discover more about the exciting developments in Ashford? Whether you’re a business looking to invest in Ashford or a journalist looking to share our story with the world, get in touch with our team.

General Enquiries 

Andrew Osborne | AshfordFOR Team

Andrew Osborne

Head of Economic Development

Contact Andrew:

01233 330310


Jamie Cox | AshfordFOR Team

Jamie Cox

Economic Development Assistant

Contact Jamie:

01233 330310


Tom Jenkins | AshfordFOR Team

Tom Jenkins

Economic Development Manager

Contact Tom:

01233 330310

Retail Enquiries 

Keli Nolan-Lyons | AshfordFOR Team

Keli Nolan-Lyons

Town Centre Regeneration Manager

Contact Keli:

01233 330396

Media Enquiries 

Dean Spurrell | AshfordFOR Team

Dean Spurrell

Communications Manager

Contact Dean:

01233 330647

General Enquiries

01233 330310

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