Ashford Leads the Way: The Range chooses Borough for first solar rooftop project

Posted on 11 April 2024

The project, undertaken in collaboration with InRange, a managed marketplace for enterprise renewable energy procurement, will see around 40MW of solar panels installed. This substantial solar infrastructure is expected to shrink electricity bills across The Range’s portfolio, with any surplus power being supplied within the InRange network to nearby large energy buyers.

This is a great example of how the Ashford business community is contributing to tackling climate change and we hope this will inspire and encourage other businesses to explore this opportunity and follow suit. By harnessing solar energy, The Range is not only cutting its energy bills, it’s reducing its own carbon footprint and also that of the wider Ashford Borough.

Alex Simpkin, CEO of The Range, said: “We’re on a journey to become a net zero business. Our partnership with InRange is a real demonstration of our commitment and has really sped up our efforts, meaning we can already see immediate benefits for both us as a business and as a positive impact on our local communities”.

This news comes after a 2023 report by construction analyst Barbour ABI emphasised that warehouses hold huge untapped potential and could create up to 25GWp of new solar capacity for the nation.

Photo credit: InRange,

To find out more about Ashford Borough Council’s Climate Change activity, including the Solar Together scheme and Rural Green Business Grants, please visit the council’s website here. Also to arrange a low carbon audit of your commercial property, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce can organise these at a low cost or free for members. For further practical advice and support businesses can also visit the UK Business Climate Hub.

The original article comes from InRange and Business News. Photo credit: InRange,