Peter Brett Associates’ Ashford Story

Understanding how towns and cities can grow and thrive is something Tony Wake, partner at Peter Brett Associates, understands only too well. He heads up a specialist development and infrastructure consultancy, based in the heart of Ashford’s town centre, and only a five minute walk from Ashford International Station.

“Much of our work is in London and I can receive a call in the morning to meet a client in the afternoon and I know I will be in the capital within 38 minutes,” Tony says.

Connectivity was central to the decision to site the Ashford office near to the train station, allowing members of the teams a flexible and reliable form of travel.

Staff within the independent practice range from engineers, planners, scientists, and economists delivering major development and infrastructure projects. Providing trusted advice to create value from the land and buildings owned or operated by their clients, creating better places for the communities in which we work.

PBA has many long-standing schemes in Kent which they have worked on for over 25 years, which is testament to the importance they place in building long-term relationships.

At the heart of their approach is the recognition that the value delivered by development and infrastructure projects is a function of how well their projects serve the interests of clients, end users and local communities. Over the coming years PBA will be expanding their teams in Ashford as the regional market seeks to deliver the housing and infrastructure necessary to support new developments, which perfectly chimes with the aspirations for Ashford Borough Council.

PBA Ashford works very closely with their London teams to provide a fully multidisciplinary service and this is possible from their base in Ashford. Many of the 33 strong Ashford team, including Tony are drawn from the local area, giving strength to the ethos that this practice clearly lives and breathes.